Wednesday, July 31, 2013

212/365: Rubber Ducky, You're the One...

Bath time is Hannah and Daddy time, but every now and then, Dustin gets stuck at work and I give Hannah her bath. I love that it's her thing with her Daddy, but it's a fun treat for me when I get to do bath time with her.

Now that she's grabbing everything, I figured it was time to introduce Mr. Rubber Ducky!

I think she's a fan!

After bath, snuggling her in her hooded towel has to be one of the cutest and sweetest moments you can have with your baby!

Some of Hannah's hair is getting pretty long, and when it's wet, it curls straight off the top of her head! Honestly, could she get any cuter?!

Dustin, we missed you tonight!! Some nights, when you're working, we miss you a little more than normal. Tonight was one of those nights, but we love you and we're so proud of your hard work!

(Photo credit to Dustin's wonderful co-worker, Eric! Thanks, Eric!)

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