Tuesday, July 9, 2013

190/365: Blooming Hydrangea

I'm one of those people that wishes I had a green thumb. I don't necessarily have a brown thumb, I just haven't ever put in the effort to really landscape and plant. Our home was a foreclosure with years worth of weeds that we are still tackling, so flower beds are only something I daydream about!

My parents' yard, on the other hand, is like a jungle. When we first moved into that cookie cutter neighborhood over 20 years ago, there were no trees and dirt roads. Now, the trees are grown and the landscaping is lush. I ran down to my parents' to drop off some birthday goodies for my step-dad (Happy Birthday, John!!!) and noticed their hydrangea bush was bursting with bright pink hydrangea flowers. I love hydrangeas (and peonies). So, of course I had to snap a picture.

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