Sunday, July 14, 2013

195/365: Where's Grayson?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook are familiar with the "Where's Grayson?" game. Basically, anytime I find Grayson in an inconspicuous spot, which is often, I try to take a picture without revealing where he is and people need to find him. It's turned into quite the game, despite having dwindled a bit since taking on this 365 and Hannah hogging the camera!

Today, I unpacked some things from a paper bag, Grayson's favorite! As soon as it was empty, he climbed in, so I snapped a shot.

I also got some cute pictures of Hannah with her Papa John today when we visited Grandma for her birthday (Happy Birthday, B!!), but I'm too tired to upload and edit! I had a maternity shoot this morning (here is a sneak peek), edited this shoot from yesterday, and had already uploaded and edited the picture of G. So, I reached my photo taking and editing limit by 9 pm! Maybe I'll cheat and add them to my post tomorrow.