Saturday, July 20, 2013

201/365: Second Generation Friends

Heather and I were attached at the hip in our early middle school years and have remained in touch all this time. I'm sure it helps that our parents are still neighbors. Regardless, how cool is it to both have babies a few months apart?!

Today, Dustin, Hannah and I met Heather and her family to take some family pictures. The night before, I had asked Heather if she'd want to try and meet before our 9:00 am time to beat the heat, if the babies were up early enough. We were all for it. Then the morning came... of course, Hannah woke up at 8, I quickly got her ready, nursed her and we rushed out the door just in time to arrive at our location nearly 30 minutes late. Ugh!! I felt awful! THEN to top if off, when I opened the door, I saw that Hannah completely blew out her outfit. After a 15 minute baby wipe bath, we were finally ready to take pictures.

The pictures are great, I can't wait to share them! At the end of the shoot, Hannah and Colin had a moment together. Hannah was flirting already... I'm not sure how Colin felt about it, but boy were they cute!


  1. Cute indeed! If these 2 photos are an indication of the rest ... awesome! :)

  2. love the eye contact of the two in the last picture.