Tuesday, July 2, 2013

183/365: Not the Vet!

Riley hates the vet. We pull into the parking lot and his tail immediately goes between his legs. Don't get me wrong, our vet is wonderful, but Riley never goes because he's well. He's notorious for having a very sensitive system and is also a pup with Lyme, so we frequent the vet!

Most recently, Riley stopped eating and had some yucky bowel... I won't go into detail. It was enough of a fright for me to immediately call for an appointment. Dustin, Hannah and I piled into the car this evening and we were on our way.

Riley's exam went okay. There's really no way of knowing what is wrong exactly, so we're treating it as an upset tummy (medicine and bland diet) and also treating it as a Lyme flare up (more medicine). We got blood work drawn to be sure levels are good, and we'll hope that's all it is. Fingers crossed!

Anyhow, after our appointment, Riley was ready to jet!

If pictures could talk....

Other than that excitement in our day, Hannah and I had another fun visit with friends! We ended it with Hannah scaring the heck out of all of us when she had an exaggerated startle reflex. Poor kid. I hate that reflex and can't wait for it to go away. It happened again right before bed when I was swaddling her, and it took so long for her to calm down. My poor babe.

She was adorable in her way too small dress and way too big bow, though!

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