Friday, July 26, 2013

207/365: The Boy

I'm posting a day late, but definitely took the picture yesterday. So, it still counts!

Yesterday was my big birthday bash. It was wonderful! I can't believe  how many awesome people I have in my life and who wanted to celebrate my 30th with me! Thank you!!

Before the party started, my brother and his fiance came up early to spend some time with Hannah and so I could also take a belly bump picture of the boy. I'm taking maternity pictures for Michael and Safira tonight, but Safira wanted a silhouette shot like the one I took for one of my Tummy Tuesday pictures. I got a couple great ones and then decided to take a couple more from a different angle because of the light.

There's nothing more beautiful than a pregnant mama... especially when the bump is my nephew!

Michael loved hanging out with Hannah bear while I took Safira's pictures!

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