Friday, July 19, 2013

200/365: A Whole New World

Watching Hannah grow is absolutely amazing. You see her learn something new everyday and she takes in so much. She's developing a sense of humor, enjoys music, loves her fur brothers and actually enjoys tummy time!

Many of my mommy friends have been putting their 3-4 month old babies in their exer-saucers. I honestly forgot we even had one! Hannah's still tiny, but I figured we would put it together since she loves sitting up so much. By the way, it is unbelievable how many parts came with this silly toy! I took me a good hour, at least, to put it together. When I did, though, Hannah thought it was pretty cool. She has to sit awkwardly and can't quite reach the bottom, but she was amazed by all there was to look at. I think this will quickly become one of her favorite things as she gets a bit bigger!

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