Tuesday, July 16, 2013

197/365: Blue Eyed Boy

If I had a macro lens, I would have taken a picture of the itty bitty baby spiders that were infesting my car today. Eeew! I noticed two of them when I put the groceries in the trunk, thinking at first that it was a couple ants. Then when I got in the driver's seat and was headed home, there were several climbing out of the crack of the window, hanging in front of me from the visor, climbing up the windshield, crawling over the dashboard... I couldn't believe it. There's no doubt that a mama spider laid her eggs somewhere in my car and the eggs hatched!! Oh.my.god. Long story short, Dustin moved the car seat base to his car and he's going to go shopping for an insect bomb because I'm not driving that car again until all those little buggers are out!

Anyhow, I think the heat is sucking away my energy. I wasn't very photo inspired today. So, on days like these, I simply pick up my camera and start hitting the shutter button. This is a shot I got while lying on the love seat for a quick couple minutes as Hannah napped.

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