Monday, July 22, 2013

203/365: Me Monday

Being a mom is amazing. Before you're a mom, you think about the time you'll no longer have. You know... no more sleeping in, no more napping on the couch if you want, no more grocery shopping alone, no more lazy Sundays. For me, I don't necessarily miss those things because I enjoy being a mom so much.

This is something I thought about today while Hannah was napping. She takes AWESOME naps. I can't complain. Today, I raced to get as much done as I could during her nap. It's amazing how productive I am in such a short period of time! So, although there's a feeling of "time's up" when I hear that she's awake, I'm also so happy to see her smiling face... I forget about all the stuff I still need to get done or the time I "no longer have."

When I grabbed Hannah after her nap today, while she was still super sleepy, I snapped a couple cuddle shots. I just love her so.


  1. Awe! Beautiful Erin. Yes, it's amazing how our perspectives change once our wee ones arrive! They grow up so, so quickly that I've come to realize that there will be far too much time once they leave home and that seems like it will happen in a blink of an eye!

  2. very cute Erin, she is getting so big. Love the cozziness of this shot.