Tuesday, July 30, 2013

211/365: "Your baby's perfect."

Hannah and I had a very busy summer day. We left first thing in the morning to try and find bathing suits for our shore trip this weekend. All three of us need one, but it was slim pickin's! Regardless, it was about two thirds successful.

After some shopping, we met up with a friend at the fountain in the shopping center. How much fun! Hannah just loved watching her friend and all the other kids play in the fountain! I swear, she's going to make friends where ever we go. She's dying to be able to walk around and chat with people!

Then, we went shopping for Dustin's birthday... the last of ALL the summer birthdays. Alleluia. Honey, I love you, but I also love when the birthdays are done!

We had a short visit with Aunt Shan, who helped clean out a blow out (thanks, Shan!) and then we were off to Hannah's 4 month doctor's appointment. Of course, she was cooing and smiling at the nurse through our whole visit followed by cooing and smiling with the doctor. Developmentally, Hannah's a rock star so far. Smiling, grabbing, head control, etc. She's 13.8 lbs (50th percentile), 25 inches long (75th percentile) and her head is also the 50th percentile. She got 3 vaccines, one was oral and boy did she make a fuss! She gave the nurse her notorious "lip" which was hysterical, followed by her angry grunt. I was told I'm going to have an actress. Oh boy! The shots were dreadful, as always, but she did great (and so did I!).

After such a busy day, you wouldn't expect anything less than this picture of the day, right??

Although we are so blessed and thankful to have such a healthy child, every child is perfect. Your child is perfect. 

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