Thursday, July 25, 2013

206/365: Helping Daddy

Well, I made it. I'm officially the big three dash zero! I don't feel like today's my birthday though. The day was almost more ordinary than any other day, but wonderful all in the same. I spent the morning with my sweet peanut, and Dustin came home early from work to set things up at the house for my party tomorrow night. I spent a lot of time hanging out in the yard with Hannah and Riley as Dustin did his handy man stuff. There was a moment where I thought, 'man I'm lucky!' Sitting in this beautiful yard with this amazing husband, little girl and dog (poor Grayson was sitting in the window longing to be outside with us). So, although the day was uneventful and ordinary, I have a pretty great life for 30. By the way, don't feel bad that today was non-celebratory, the big bash is tomorrow. Dustin hasn't let me help one bit in planning this party. He has done everything.... including.... wait for it.... hiring a cleaning lady! Yup! Didn't even have to clean the house today!

Speaking of the big bash, Dustin was setting up a tent in the backyard.... and Riley helped.

It was obviously exhausting.

Oh! AND, as a birthday gift to myself, I launched my website! Crazy. That's all I can say. Just crazy.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful party!

  2. Happy Birthday Erin! It sounds like it was a pleasant day! My hubby and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary today! Yikes, time flies when you are having fun! Have a fantastic party! Cheers on turning the big 3 0! Your website looks awesome! Congrats!

    1. Thanks, Terri. A very Happy Anniversary to you!!!