Friday, September 20, 2013

263/365: The Zoo

My mommy friend, Jill, celebrated her birthday today. Jill decided she wanted to take her little boy, Hank, to the zoo for the day, so a few of us joined her. I haven't been to a zoo in quite some time, and it's certainly not the Philly zoo, but I loved seeing all the different animals. Hannah and I loved spending the day with our friends... she was sound asleep before 7!

Checkin' out the otters on their first date to the zoo! 
The peacocks had free reign! 

The otters did some cute tricks for us. 

Lots o' fish with the black swans! (of which I didn't get a decent picture)

Gorgeous ladies and babies! 

The "I'm so tired I'm going to cry, but I'll try and smile" face.


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