Sunday, September 8, 2013

251/365: Why Hello, Autumn.

I had a great photo shoot tonight at Green Lane Park. As I left, I looked at the lake thinking "Gosh, that's gorgeous. I should take a picture" (ironic, I know), but the other side of my brain was telling me to get home. The clock was a bit past 6:00, Hannah goes to bed at 7 and only wants Mama's milk directly from Mama for her nighttime feeding. I always have a bottle pumped in case I can't get home (with the slight chance she may actually take it if needed), but I figured I had the time to get home before bed, so off I went.... and a really pretty POTD was lost. Oh well. There's always a POTD lurking around somewhere else!

It's September 8th and look at what I am finding in our backyard. Looks like we might have early foliage!

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  1. Ah ... pretty red foliage! Jealous! We don't have much for reds in this part, plenty of yellows, browns and bits of orange.