Tuesday, September 17, 2013

260/365: Sweet Baby Girl

When did I Devian's 6 month photo shoot (here), I loved the white bed at her grandmother's house where we did the shoot. So, I decided to run out to buy some white linens for our guest bed so I could do some similar pictures for Hannah's 6 month shoot (yes, I actually scheduled her photo shoot into my busy calendar!).

Coincidentally, my friend scheduled her daughter's 9 month shoot and sent me a link to pictures she like which just so happened to also be on a white bed! I set the bed up for little Miss Caroline, but before she came over, I did some test shots with Hannah so I could be sure the lighting was okay and I could move necessary things from the background. As I took a couple snaps, I got this one and just adore it. I can't believe she's going to be 6 months on Monday! 

Before nabbing the picture above, I was going to use this one for the picture of the day, so I figured I'd share it. Hannah got up early today... this is what I saw when walking down the stairs. Not so bad!

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