Monday, September 16, 2013

259/365: The Lehigh Tunnel

I never sleep in the car. If I fall sound asleep, I have to be incredibly tired. On our way home today, I shut my eyes and actually began to doze. Suddenly, despite my eyes being closed, I could tell it became dark. It registered that we were going through the Lehigh Tunnel. It's a short tunnel and doesn't take long to drive through, so in a short time, I processed that we were going through the tunnel, and that I should take a picture. I quickly opened my eyes, ripped off the lens cover, turned it on, metered and snapped. I had no time at all to even pay attention to my settings, only the exposure. There was no time. I looked at my screen and this is the shot I got... I actually really like it. Go figure!

I'm so glad I unexpectedly got this shot. I've been in this tunnel more times than I could possibly ever count. Having had a "Mountain House" in the Poconos as a kid, we drove through this tunnel regularly. I call this "the new side" even though it's probably almost 20 years old. Google it!

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