Thursday, September 19, 2013

262/365: Thank You, Mr. Postman

The UPS guy came by to drop off the new (cheap!) comforter I ordered on Amazon. Riley becomes quite excited when any visitor comes to the door. He wags his tail so hard it looks like his entire back end is going to fly off, and he cry-barks in anticipation of greeting the visitor. Needless to say, he's greatly disappointed when the mailmen knock on the door and then keep going. After the UPS guy drove away, I opened the door to see this...

A dog treat! I can't get over how thoughtful this was. Riley was thrilled to eat this cookie... and so was Grayson.

Tonight is the harvest moon. I wanted to try and take a picture of it, but simply don't have the equipment to take a decent picture. My patience was very thin with my camera and tripod tonight, so I decided to quit before I threw something ;). What can I say? It's a full moon... my lunatic comes out!

This is the best I got. Some blurry moon flare. This moon was so big and bright. I wish I could have done it justice!

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