Thursday, September 5, 2013

248/365: POTD Competition

As I uploaded pictures tonight, I didn't realize how many I'd taken throughout the day making it much harder to choose a picture of the day.

This afternoon, Hannah, Riley and I were walking around the yard and I noticed we have several incredible spider webs around. Dustin's 4-wheeler has been sitting in the backyard needing work... I guess it's been a while because the handle bars are covered in a massive spider web with this green spider. Eeek! I actually have the heeby jeebies posting it! I really wish I had a macro lens for this one!

I can't believe I just posted that. Ew!!!

Anyhow, here's another picture. I whipped up dinner for one... well actually dinner for two, but Dustin got stuck at work. It was pretty and I was proud of myself for making a pretty dish, so I took a picture.

I think I'd do a few things differently, but it was a winner in my opinion. I'll do this one again.

And of course, there were plenty of pictures of Hannah on the memory card. The poor kid's gonna hate the camera in no time, but I can't help myself! She's been working hard on rolling from her back to belly and sitting up. I can't say that she's mastered both of these milestones, but I can say with certainty that she can do both. I found her on her belly when I got her this morning (despite having an arm still stuck under her belly) and also happily witnessed her completely roll over and get her arm out during some floor time this morning! Below, you'll see our little girl is certainly sitting up on her own without any problem. She's growing up too fast!

So, in my opinion, the last picture wins. Yes, I post a ton of black & white Hannah pictures, but it's my project and I'll choose black & white Hannah POTDs if I want to!

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