Sunday, February 24, 2013

55/365: Honey Do...

With a baby on the way, you can imagine (or know first hand) the extensive "to do" list of things around the house. It seems like every time we check something off the list, we add on one more thing!

Fortunately, all the big ticket items are crossed off: the den, the nursery, even working on finishing the basement. Despite these huge accomplishments, there's always something small... like a door knob.

I have noticed that our cat, Grayson, has been opening the nursery door at least daily; it's not latching right. Obviously, this is something we need to get fixed as I certainly don't want G visiting our sleeping baby in her crib! So, this morning I made a passing comment to Dustin along the lines of "We need to fix that door knob, but no rush because the baby probably won't be sleeping in her crib for a few weeks after she's born anyway."

Don't you know, Dustin goes out today and not only gets a new door knob for the nursery door, but enough to change out all the knobs upstairs to match the ones we put in downstairs? Man, am I a lucky lady to have such a handy and amazingly wonderful husband.

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  1. You are definitely a lucky lady! Great picture too!