Sunday, February 10, 2013

41/365: Morning Joe

They say to limit your caffeine when you're pregnant, and I do. Every morning, I look forward to my one tiny cup of coffee. Okay, so the actual mug is never tiny, but I never fill it completely nor drink the entire cup. Much to my surprise, this is plenty for me (coming from someone who could drink cups and cups of the darkest, thickest coffee there is!).

This Sunday morning, I woke up early, ate breakfast with my darling husband then poured my much anticipated coffee. I curled up in my huge chair in the living room to enjoy my cup and watch the sun come through the window. The sun was so intense that it really exaggerated the steam coming from my mug. I loved this, so I took a picture of it.

And so the picture of the day was found.... before 8:30 am!

As I was editing and perseverating over my hundreds of pictures, and starting my post for the day, I stopped to see how Dustin was making out (He's cleaning out the office to make it a den for our babe. He's so handy and wonderful!!). Of course when I pop into the room, the "kids" are being nothing but adorable. Thankfully my camera is another extension of my body, so I was able to capture them also!


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