Friday, February 22, 2013

53/365: Farm Friday

It's an overcast ugly Friday. Though many of the farms I pass are beautiful, none of them look as beautiful as they do with the sun shining on them! I attempted one farm shot, but got spooked away when the owner started coming down the driveway. (I felt like a criminal fleeting away!). So, I grabbed this shot, a barn close to home. I had to shoot it from across the street. Not being super photoshop savvy, I tried to eliminate the telephone pole and wires in the way, but ended up with a really choppy looking photo, so this is what you get... oh well! The 365 is meant for learning.

And here's a shot of this morning's sunrise. Too magnificant not to share!


  1. love the barn with the red doors and wreaths.

    1. I'm glad they've kept the wreaths up well after the holidays.

  2. Erin,
    I love Farm Fridays. This is such a pretty barn. I completely understand about those wires in front of pretty buildings. Sometimes there isn't much we can do.....

    The sunrise is amazing! It's like a painting. So beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous sunrise! Beautiful capture! =)