Sunday, June 30, 2013

180/365: A Pot of Gold Kinda Vacation

Today was our last day to explore. We went out and saw waterfalls, gorges, an old mill, a couple more wineries and breweries, and a beautiful end to a beautiful vacation. Looking through all the pictures I took today, it was so hard to choose the picture of the day.

Hannah was so intrigued by this waterfall. I love that she's really starting to take notice of the things around her!

I had my 50mm with me. It's actually frustrating because I love the 50mm for the portrait shots, but would love a wide angle lens to capture the landscapes. However, the 50mm was kinda fun in the old mill we visited.

We then went on a hike in Robert Treman State Park. It was an unbelievable gorge - the views were spectacular (and also anxiety provoking carrying a 3 month old around, even though she was securely trapped to Daddy's chest. As I explained to Dustin, the anxiety is real, but based totally on irrationality! I suppose it comes with being a mom). The picture below is Lucifer Falls. This was a picture I would have loved to take with a wide angle and a tripod! The 50mm and the rock ledge worked, though.

After our day of exploring, and sweet baby Hannah was down for the night, Dustin and I enjoyed hanging out as the sun fell. I couldn't get enough! Here's one of my favorite shots during the golden hour.

Then, it began to sprinkle (again!). I loved how the drops delicately landed on the water. ..... would have loved a macro lens for this one! I better save up!

As Dustin and I sat down to dinner, I had a huge smile on my face. It was a short trip, but perfect. Yes, we had a ton of rain, but we made such wonderful family memories. I'm so thankful I'll have these pictures to show Hannah one day. I'm so blessed to have Dustin as my husband; he's such a wonderful man, and now I'm blessed with this amazing little girl. How did I get so lucky?

JUST as I was thinking all of these wonderful things, I looked over Dustin's shoulder and saw this.

A rainbow. Really?! So, even though I took tons of pictures today, this obviously wins the title of picture of the day.


  1. Erin, these photos are really beautiful! I love them all!

    1. Thanks, Olga. It was a great photography day!