Wednesday, June 12, 2013

163/365: What Got Me Through the Day

It goes without saying that getting home and seeing this beautiful baby is what motivates me to get through the work day.

Every day, I'm amazed by how much I love this little person. It's so incredibly overwhelming in the most amazing way. She's my sunshine. (So is Dustin... boy, do I have a lot of sunshine in my life!)

PS... I'm thinking we might have a hazel eyed baby?? Any other guesses?

Aside from this face getting me through today, some of my students helped put a smile on my face. It's no secret that public education is in a pretty tough place right now. Budgets are tight, stress is high, and everyone's stretched to the max. With all of this, going back to work certainly hasn't been easy. Today, after 5th grade graduation, I came back to some awesome cards on my desk from some of my 3rd grade students. They were full of words about how much they loved me and missed me, how they don't want me to have another baby because they're sad when I leave, and one student even said I'm as "nice as a bunny." Now THAT made my day. I just love kids.


  1. They grow far too quickly! Enjoy everyday! My babes are only 7 and 8 but that seems to big for me already!

  2. Sweet! bunnys can be nice (as long as they're not eating my garden) Just a few more days and you will have the whole summer with her.