Monday, June 17, 2013

168/365: Me Monday

Many of my fellow 365ers partake in "Me Monday." It's a day devoted to getting out from behind the camera. Mondays, I try to do macros, but I think I might want to try to do "Me Mondays" instead, or in addition to "Macro Mondays."

Recently, I read this article. Check it out. It's an article written by a mom who explains how mothers always try and stay out of the picture because of how we look. We may still have baby weight to lose, our hair's a mess, our make up is a mess (or not on at all), our eyebrows aren't waxed or tweezed... we come up with so many reasons not to be in the picture. However, while we're obsessed with our appearance, our children see none of it. We're simply their mommies. No matter how big, small, tall, short, done up or done down we are, we are still their mommies. Our kids only see our hearts. Why short change their memories caught on camera because we're so vein? So, in spirit of this article, I hopped in front of the camera. Dead tired, make up totally melted off, skin a mess, but I'm happy as hell with this gorgeous baby in my arms. She deserves pictures of us together.

Taking a self portrait isn't easy. Getting the correct focus and settings is so difficult... add in carrying a baby on top of keeping an eye on a dog (who's electric fence collar battery was dead, apparently!), it took a lot of shots to try and get anything worth posting.

Here are my favs of my happy baby girl. Oh my, do I love her!