Thursday, June 20, 2013

171/365: School's Out for Summer!

Today was officially the last day of school for staff. Wahoo! AND not only was it my last day for this school year, but it was my last day until the 2014-2015 school year. I was approved to take a child rearing leave. How awesome to have the opportunity to have a full year home with my baby and still have a job to go back to?! I absolutely love being a counselor; there's something so special about it, but being a mommy... man... there's just nothing like it, and I'll never get this first year back with Hannah. (I'll also have a lot more time to play with my camera!)

I couldn't choose a picture today, so, here's what I got...

My parent's are bird geeks. This is just one of many bird accessories in their backyard!

One thing I love about taking pictures everyday is that I notice so much more. Right now, I'm loving the tall grass. I noticed today that almost all of the fields of tall grass have been chopped down today to get prepped to be baled. I just love the bales! Hopefully, I can get to my mom's to take some shots of this grass when it's rolled up!

Nothing beats a beautiful haning basket.

And of course Noah. Hannah's been at my mom's everyday this week (thanks, Mama!!) and Noah has been a tad jealous. He's the baby, and he was making sure we didn't forget.

I've actually taken a picture of these horses before. They're the ones that were in a distance standing in the field of yellow flowers. They were up by the fence today, so I snapped a peek-a-boo shot.

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