Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9/365: Riley John

Today is officially the first day of my 365 that I had no idea what photo I wanted to post. I also have to come to the conclusion that some days will be amazing photos, and some days will be so-so photos. This is one of those days.

Can you believe I caught another amazing sunrise today? (posted below) Despite how beautiful the day began, I wanted to post something new. After an incredibly long day at work my brain was fried. Do I take a picture of dinner? Do I take a picture of my feet up by the fire since I can't fathom doing more than that tonight? When all else fails, take a picture of Riley, our sweet puppy.

I pulled out my new 50mm and had the toughest time focusing! (Practice makes perfect, right?!) Between Riley not staying still, accidentally metering off of his black nose, bad lighting, and his snout being so far away from his face that I couldn't get his entire face into focus, I just couldn't get it! If you're friends with me on facebook, you know that I can get some pretty great shots of this adorable face, but tonight, it just wasn't happening. However, I want to be true to "the picture of the day" so this is it. Meet Riley. We love him into a million pieces

Though this picture is a blooper and a great example of how tough it is to get his entire face into focus with the right settings, it has to be just about the cutest picture I've ever taken of him, so I had to share.

.... and here is how the day started! Is it possible to post too many sunrise (or sunset) pictures in a 365? If not, I'll keep them coming!


  1. Your puppy is cute and NO you cant witness to many sunrises or sunsets for that matter.

    1. Thanks! You'll see a lot more of Riley... and definitely more sunrises and sunsets :)

  2. Erin,

    Riley John looks adorable. I don't know him, but I believe you capture his personality very well. He looks very mellow and sweet...Is that right?

    It's interesting that you mentioned your 50 mm lens. I, too, got a new one this Christmas and I am having the hardest time focusing with it. I want to have a regular post of pictures taken with the 50 mm and really get used to it. It's amazing to see how many people pick this lens a their favorite...I still need to learn to use it and love it too:)

    And....I don't think you can have too many gorgeous sunrise....Please keep them coming!

    1. Hi Olga! Riley is mellow at night, but he's such a hoot running round greeting us when we get home and when he wants to play. He's such a loyal pup. And yes, he's VERY sweet!

      Let me know if you get any tips on the 50mm and focusing. When I choose my point of focus, there are times the shutter button just won't work. It makes a "machine gun" sound. I have it in automatic focus and find when I change it to manual, this doesn't happen. So I'm learning that the af isn't working when my subject is moving too much in addition to being too close. I'm also only practicing when I get home from work, so I don't have natural light and can't get very high shutter speeds without a flash. It's frustrating, but I know I won't figure it out unless I keep at it!.

  3. Erin,

    You describe perfectly well the camera's behavior when shooting with the 50 mm. You are right! The shutter button just doesn't work sometimes and make this noise as if breaking, oops! I didn't try the manual (very good thinking on your part). I just back up (which sometimes doesn't work either) or turn it off and back on again. I actually did one of my pictures yesterday with the 50 mm. I was outside and at one point it just didn't want to work even with natural light. So, as you said practice will make perfect. We are almost there, I think:) I will pass along any tips....