Thursday, January 10, 2013

10/365: Loungin' by the Fire

Another day, another picture. I find myself regularly wanting to take pictures of the sun and our little fur kids, and I'm not sure why. On the way home, as I admired the sun setting, I found the answer to this question. During my work week and days, the only time I'm outside (during the winter) is my drive to and from work. The whole ride, I get to watch the sun rise and set. I don't see just a little bit of a sunrise and sunset, I literally get to watch the entire thing. I mentally take pictures my entire car ride. Once I get home, I come home to my fur kids, and usually my handsome husband too (when he's not working overtime!). So, there you have it. I don't have (too much of) an obsession with the sun and my pets, they are simply the most exciting part of my work days!

With that said, guess what the picture of the day is?? After looking at two long and hard, I chose this one. By the way, this might be the last image I get at this low level. It's getting quite difficult finding a way to get onto the floor and looking through the view finder with this growing belly!

I was just about to plug my camera into my computer when I saw G in his nightly spot, completely stretched out on the dog bed in front of the fire. He's just such a sweet boy!

And the runner up was today's sunset. It was so beautiful driving home, but I didn't quite capture the image I wanted. By the time I turned around, parked the car and walked to the right spot for the picture, the sun set a little more than I had wanted. Still beautiful though!

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