Friday, January 11, 2013

11/365: Farm Friday

I've been eyeing up so many farms for Fridays, I could hardly wait for Friday to arrive to take a picture of one! Much to my dismay, it turned out to be a crummy, rainy, drizzly day. I couldn't believe it! On my way home, I immediately started brainstorming pictures I could take once I got home. During my ride, the rain let up a little bit so I kept my eyes peeled on farms. I passed one, that I had never noticed despite passing it at least once a day. It was a brown wooden barn that was on its last leg, ready to crumble to the ground. It matched the day! I immediately assumed it was a vacant property, so I turned around to go back and take a picture. When I passed the house on the property, I saw a car in the driveway and lights on. Figured! I certainly didn't have the courage to be the weirdo photographer lady to pull into their driveway and start taking pictures of their dilapidated barn! I let out a good "humph!" and kept driving and brainstorming a different picture of the day assuming that my Farm Friday was a wash. Then, I passed a farm that was set off the road. This property is one I typically don't gawk at, but I decided to pull over and take some shots since it was likely to be my only opportunity between rain and the sun going down.

I like the run down look it has.


  1. Erin,

    Not only I love your photos, but I truly enjoy reading your posts. Your "weirdo photographer lady" comment made me laugh. That's kind of the way I feel these days. I am just so worry someone is going to come out of "somewhere" or stop by and say something. Actually today a guy stopped and asked me if I needed help, perhaps because I turned the blinking lights on.

    This is another great photo! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Olga! It's funny how I start to feel embarrassed to pull over - I have the same worry that someone will come out of no where. I'm curious to see if I gain more courage by the end of this!

  2. Great picture Erin, (despite the rain) I love the shape/style of the barn in the foreground.