Thursday, January 24, 2013

24/365: Frozen Lake

Today was a day that I'm glad I even got a picture of the day. Fortunately, I turned around during my morning commute to very quickly get this shot. Is it going to make my top 10 of my project 365? Probably not, but still glad I got it!

This is Lake Nockamixon. Every morning I drive by and love how the sun hits the lake. I definitely didn't get a favorite shot... maybe another day. Some days just won't allow a ton of photog time!


  1. Erin,

    Very pretty!

    And we both took pictures of a lake today!

    I was thinking that it is so nice to live in the countryside and be able to take pictures of nature...I think it makes it easy for our 365 project...

    1. You're right Olga!! When in doubt, just walk out your door for a picture! =)

  2. Oh, I think it's a beautiful shot! And I agree, living in the country is great!!

  3. This is really beautiful. Great composition.