Saturday, December 21, 2013

355/365: Riverside Church

I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding ceremony in this church. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. What a way to end my first year.

After pictures in Central Park, we got caught in a "parking lot" in Times Square as we were headed back to the hotel in the limo. It was horrendous. Dustin ended up flagging down a biker to take the bride and groom back to the hotel (we had a dinner to get to!) and Dustin and I went by foot, but we got stuck in a pedestrian jam (my inappropriately preferred choice of word starts with a c and ends with a k. I'll let you take a guess). It took nearly two hours to get back to our hotel room and left us with about 10 minutes to get ready for dinner. Holy smokes! 

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  1. Gorgeous, I was lucky enough to go downtown Chicago a few weeks ago nothing more beautiful then a city decked out for Christmas at night.