Tuesday, December 3, 2013

337/365: Our Hannah Love

Hannah met Santa for the first time today. I just love the photos with little Christmas PJ's, but also love the plaid Christmas dress Hannah inherited from her cousin Sophia. Ultimately, I went with the PJs. She'll be wearing her dress for Mass, so I know that we'll get pictures of her all dressed up.

You can see how excited she was to meet him.

At 8 months old, Hannah's appropriately entering the stage of "where's Mama?" and "Mama, please come back!". Throughout the day, she'd crawl over to me and climb up my legs. I shot this as I was getting ready this morning. I know I'm biased, but she's stunning. She takes my breath away.


  1. She is getting SO BIG! I completely agree ... she is a stunning lil' one! That 2nd shot is gorgeous Erin! Definitely hang that one on the wall!

    1. And I'll make a point to do that! I think this coming year's resolution needs to be getting pictures printed and hung or in books.

  2. she's very pretty with a great head of hair.