Sunday, December 1, 2013

335/365: Steak Kabob, Please!

Our friends Paul and Kara came over for dinner tonight. Paul notoriously doesn't eat... well, anything. He has a very limited palate. It's limited to chicken nuggets, bacon and soda. When I asked Kara what we should make, she said anything because she likes for Paul to try new things. So, we went with kabobs knowing that he at least likes steak.

As Dustin was putting them together, Paul asked if he could have a kabob without all that other stuff (aka veggies) so, that's what he got.

Good news is, Dustin also made sweet potatoes and Paul found a new love for sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar. So, I think this dinner was a success!!

Now, onto the meal planning for New Year's Eve!

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