Monday, December 9, 2013

343/365: A Little Cup of Christmas Love


  1. I thought I saw a tutorial on this on Click it up a Notch. How did you do it? Tell please:) Love it. I want to try it!

    1. Olga, I didn't go to this extent at all, but I'm thinking of making something like this to use at a wedding I'm shooting in a couple weeks. Would be fun to just have around... especially during the holidays with all the lights!

  2. Olga, I can't wait to try again, this was my first attempt! Get black construction paper, and cut out a shape in the center. Assemble it to your lens (I actually focused, recomposed, and then quick held the paper up against the lens because it was having trouble locking focus when the paper was up against the lens beforehand... if that makes sense). Press the shutter and vwa la!

  3. Thank you! I will definitely try this. I've been meaning to, but only tried the easy way without the shape because I feel in such a rush these days when taking photos that I don't even post my photos on time. But, I am determined and will take the time to do this:)...Love the idea for the wedding. It will be really unique. BTW congratulations on shooting the wedding. Very exciting!