Wednesday, December 4, 2013

338/365: Testing 1-2-3

Our friends Robert and Kendall came over today with their 7 week old little babe to do some pictures and to visit. I set up some things to help give us some different backdrops and tested one of the backdrops with Hannah. It was hard to get her to sit still... it's the best I could do. Technically, not a great picture, but I love Christmas light bokeh. It has to be one of my favorite things!!

I contemplated using these as picture(s) of the day, but the bokeh won. Now that Hannah is pulling herself up more, I see that she's regularly on her toes. I'm curious to see how this pans out. I suppose we could put her into dance a little early! I mean, she's already got a few of the moves!

Normally, I don't share pictures from my photo shoots. Honestly, I'm not sure why. I guess it's because my POTD has been more about my personal life than my work, but since today's photo shoot was with friends (and I adore the photos) I figured I'd share a couple.

Here's an image with the backdrop that Hannah tested.

And though I have many, many more pictures to go through, I just love this... 


  1. Love the baby on the book, what a neat idea. My daughter was also on her toes all the time too, my husband used to joke that she was practicing to wear high heels. When she started walking she would walk on her foot normally, but once she could walk well she started walking on her toes again, she still does sometimes at 20 months.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'm glad to hear .... toe walking can be cute, but this kid NEVER uses flat feet! She's so funny. Hopefully she's flat footed when she learns to walk like your daughter!

  2. Love the picture of the baby sleeping on the book. Nice job