Wednesday, October 30, 2013

303/365: The Back of the Christmas Card

I'm a list person. My lists have lists. It's how I function. So, today, I knew we'd be home most of the day and my to-do list was (and still is) miles long. Usually, I jot down another list when I wake up to organize my thoughts and give my day direction, but I didn't do this. Which resulted in productivity with a touch of ADHD. Riley got groomed... kinda. I vacuumed... kinda. I edited... here and there. We played, I did laundry, we went to Wesley Works for Hannah's Halloween pictures, and I designed and ordered our Christmas cards. It was a good day. In the middle of all of that, I all of a sudden found myself putting Hannah on the floor with Christmas lights in a Santa hat. See... ADHD. 

The Christmas card design that I picked out needed a picture for the back of it. This certainly would have been perfect, but I ended up going with a different one. So, figured I'd share this cuteness. Have I mentioned how much I love this baby??

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