Wednesday, October 9, 2013

282/365: It's My Pumpkin and I'll Cry if I Want To!

Between my photo shoots on the weekends and Dustin's work schedule during the week, this morning happened to be our only chance to take our little Hannah to the farm for her first pumpkin. Of course, it was a dreary, COLD and windy morning. Regardless, I had high hopes. 

I had hopes of Hannah holding herself up on a big pumpkin with her big smile....

\Hmmm... not what I expected. I decided she'd surely give us her big Hannah grin while sitting in a wagon with her pumpkin...

Nope. How about just some happy smiley pictures with Mommy & Daddy?

Okay, good enough. Let's go home!! 

But first, here are a few more pictures from our chilly trip to the farm. 


  1. Love these photos, Erin! Really cute. Hanna will enjoy seeing these when she is older:)

    1. Thanks, Olga :). It certainly wasn't what I expected, but I think it makes for a much cuter story!