Saturday, April 6, 2013

96/365: Chasing the Sun

Today was a busy day... Hannah and I took our first trip out that wasn't a trip to the doctor, and we also had visitors today. Despite having a fun and busy day, I realized I didn't have a picture yet at 6:30 pm. I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs. There are some days that I literally just hold my camera, look at something and start taking pictures to see what I get. I was about to take pictures of something... I can't even remember what... when I noticed this sun pouring into our bedroom.

As I was snapping pictures, the sun was creating a reflection off my lens that was bouncing around the room. It didn't take long for Grayson to find this light before chasing it with fury.

Having this little moment playing with Grayson was a little cherry on top to my day. He's such a fun cat.