Monday, April 1, 2013

91/365: Macro Monday

I promise that not every day will be a picture of Hannah, but come on... I'm "stuck" at home and not allowed to leave the house (on my own, anyway). There is nothing cuter in this house than Hannah. Riley and Grayson are close seconds, but let's be honest!

Here's your macro. It melts my heart.


  1. So precious and well done! Dont feel bad about doing pictures of that sweet baby. Thats why were doing this right? Documenting our lives.
    (and improving our skills)

  2. I love Hannah pictures! And this one is just priceless. Good job! I wonder if it was a bit tricky holding the camera with one hand?

  3. Thanks, ladies! Pam - you're right. This is a project to document our lives and improve our skills. Thank you!! Olga, it was very tricky taking a one handed picture. Between camera shake and changing any settings... it's tough!

  4. I love these!!!! And you are not taking pictures to entertain US right? These pictures are for you to remember all these amazing moments in your precious girl's life! Do not apologize!!!! LOL!

    I so wish I could have had my DSLR camera back when my daughter was little. I didn't get it until she was one and then it took me awhile before I learned enough to get some decent shots! :) I'm happy you get to document this time so well! Way to keep up the Project 365 even with a new baby! I've been following you the whole time!