Sunday, April 21, 2013

111/365: First Comes Love...

Today, we went to my parents' house to celebrate my "little" brother's 25th birthday. I asked if he and his girlfriend, Jill, would mind if I took some pictures of them for practice. I'd never taken pictures of a couple before, and they were happy to be my subjects. Thanks Paul & Jill!

Of the shoots I've done for family and a couple friends, I've typically let them be somewhat candid with minimal posing. Today I learned that you need posing for couples, and it probably wouldn't hurt if I posed more of the family shots too. Though I had looked through pictures for inspiration and had a lot of ideas, when it came down to it, it was really hard! We only had the backyard... the sun wasn't in the right spot and if we were facing a certain direction, all we had were houses in the background. Fortunately, Paul and Jill were patient with my thought process and my lens that refused to focus when facing the sun.

Since it's so late, I didn't go through all the images I took, but this is one of my favorites SOOTC, so I did a super quick edit for a photo of the day. Overall, I think I got some good shots. I can't wait to go through the rest! Thanks again, guys!!

Okay, here's one more. I couldn't help myself.

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  1. Very nice Erin, You beautiful couples are fun to photograph, oh and sweet little babies too.