Tuesday, April 16, 2013

106/365: Tummy Tuesday

Look who's getting a big round tummy!

For a Monday laugh...

No, these aren't action shots... our little girl sleeps with her hands straight up and straight out. Hey, whatever works!


  1. I love all the great shots your getting of your sweet baby girl.

  2. Erin these pictures are so beautiful. Second and third photos from the top are so cute!

    BTW today I was listening to a photography podcast and thought about you. The particular episode was about how to photograph babies. Perhaps you have heard of photographer Carrie Sandoval? I heard about her from the "7 Photography Questions" podcast and truly enjoyed it. I really like listening to this podcast, but unfortunately there has been no new episodes in several years so I listen to the archives.


  3. Thanks Pam & Olga! Thanks for the podcast, too! I'm going to try and listen to it asap :)