Wednesday, April 10, 2013

100/365: Don't Forget Your Fruits and Veggies

Before having Hannah, I was very nervous about breastfeeding... just the logistics of it. Turned out, Hannah and I are naturals, but the unexpected difficult part of it all is the food! Trying to rule out the things that upset her belly is so hard; in addition, I have to be sure I'm getting enough nutrients!

So, Hannah and I headed to Wegmans, I strapped her to my chest, and we were off. We spent most of our time in the produce department stocking up. For breakfast, I got lots of berries that I'll add to baked oatmeal that I just made with a dab of vanilla Greek yogurt (in hopes her belly can handle this part!). Lunch will be spinach, avocado, nuts... I'm hoping to get back on track to ease her belly and give her vitamins!

By the way, did you have any idea how much attention you can get carrying around a 2 week old at the grocery store?! I learned that it's great that I'm out and about, Hannah is adorable (oh wait, I already knew that), and to enjoy her being so small because they grow up fast! Oh, and that people are incredibly helpful and kind when you have an infant strapped to your chest. 

She was beat when we got home. I love when she lays like this. She was in this exact position in her 12 week ultrasound and 24 week ultrasound... and we found out that she stayed like this until the end!


  1. she is so beautiful...I would love to come and visit you once work is over and I time. She is so her daddy, so cute:)

  2. Just wondering how you can get anything done during the day. Shes so cute, I would just want to sit and stare.

  3. What a cute "pose" and outfit!

  4. Thanks ladies! Kristen - come visit any time. Pam - today is a day I'm getting NOTHING done. I'm staring at her all day while intermittently playing in photo shop!