Monday, March 18, 2013

77/365: Food Trip

I'm so happy the weather held out so I could get to the grocery store. My trip to Wegmans, was, by far, the  biggest, most organized and most expensive grocery trip I have ever made. You can't tell by the picture, but the cart is mostly filled with a ton of produce and meat. I made a total of 6 crock pot meals (that's really 12 for us), minus 1 meal (I forgot an onion, so I'll get that tomorrow), snacks for the hospital, regular food run, and dinners for this week. It was hugely successful!

To top it off, I got an ocular migraine as I left the store. If you haven't ever had one, or have never heard of them.... look it up. It's not fun! I made it home safely, prepped the meals, and cleaned the kitchen.

Now, it's time to make my "to-do" list for tomorrow, then put my feet up and get to bed early. I have to take advantage of this 3rd trimester burst of energy!

I snapped this shot with my phone, and it suits the picture of the day perfectly.

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