Sunday, March 17, 2013

76/365: All Things Irish

Being Irish, I certainly can't pass up on Irish photos today...

Each year, I try to make Riley (our Irish Setter) wear something Irish, and he fights me harder and harder each year. This is about the best we could do. He's still cute though.

Look at that face! Ha! I had to jump in too...

Here are some Irish Potatoes, my favorite St. Patty's Day treat. (No, I did not eat all of these!)

Aside from our Irish fun today, we're continuing to get ready for baby girl... don't get me wrong, we're ready, but with each day she isn't here, there's more we can do. Dustin's starting to tile the basement, and I researched different frozen meal recipes and made a shopping list for tomorrow (if the weather permits running errands tomorrow!).

But, our most important accomplishment today, that took all of 5 minutes, was installing the car seat!! Dustin did it like a pro. He's ready!


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