Tuesday, March 5, 2013

64/365: Tummy Tuesday

Another Tummy Tuesday.... already! Today is 37 weeks. We officially have a full-term babe cookin' and we're so excited! Despite how elated I am to meet our daughter, I can't help but feel sad that my pregnancy is just about over!! I've enjoyed every minute of it (even those really nauseous and uncomfortable minutes)... what an amazing journey.

I love this picture, and it was so fun to take with Dustin. He makes me laugh <3.

Looking at this picture though, you can hardly see a bump! So, here is an official photo documenting this 37 week bump.


  1. Love these pictures! I love that you're documenting so much of your pregnancy, I regret not doing that in mine. Good luck to you, you'll never forgot that first moment you meet your daughter! =)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad I decided to do a 365 because I don't think I'd be documenting even close to how much I am.

  2. Great Baby Bump pictures. The first one hardly looks like your pregnant, but the second one..Oh Yeah.....not much longer :)