Thursday, March 7, 2013

66/365: Personification Photography

One of my favorite blogs/websites to follow is Click It Up a Notch. Recently, she posted a photography challenge of trying out personification photography - giving an inanimate object human traits.

This is my first shot at it (no pun intended). The hardest part, was trying to line the floor straight in the frame... not the easiest task with a big belly in my way making it impossible to lay flat! I did my best though. I think I'll try a few more personification photos after today. It's definitely a creative challenge.

My own critique... definitely should have closed my aperture to create a sharper picture. Live and learn.

Since Grayson was yesterday's picture of the day, I felt like I couldn't use him again, but I can't not share this picture! His newest obsession is stealing my back up shower loofa - he loves the netting.

I think G knows a baby is on its way. He won't leave my side!!

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  1. I also enjoy click it up a notch......nice attempt at personification photo