Saturday, August 31, 2013

243/365: The Return of Freddie

Freddie is amazing. He's this single toy with so many fascinating parts, from the colors, to the textures, to the noises. He stimulates every single sense. It's no wonder he became our go-to toy. He typically stays in the car seat, and now that Hannah's getting bigger, the car seat stays in the car and we just pull her out of the seat to get to where we need to go.

The other day, I met a friend for lunch. It was a rainy day, and by rainy, I mean three inches in a couple hours... flash flood kind of rain. So, when we arrived at our destination, I spent about five minutes sitting in the car trying to figure out how to get into the restaurant without getting completely drenched. I decided the best way was to grab her seat, hold her to me, and run. Well, when I got home, I realized Freddie was gone. I'm positive he's lying in that parking lot sad, lonely and soaking wet. I'm so sad.

Fortunately, Amazon had Freddie for a cheap price, so I clicked that addictive "buy now" button and sure enough, he showed up on our door step a couple days later.

Here's Freddie #2. Hannah will never know the difference.

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