Wednesday, August 7, 2013

219/365: "Yup, it's definitely corn."

Most days, I amaze myself at how busy I am. Between being a mommy (ohmygosh, is there anything better?!), housework and photo shoots + editing, I'm constantly on the go. Today was one of those days where I hardly had time to feed myself, let alone find a picture of the day!

Hannah was snoozing in the backseat on our way home from running errands and I decided to stop at one of the many cornfields I pass. I just love the corn despite being obnoxiously allergic to it. As I crouched on the side of the country road snapping away, I heard a truck slow down behind me. I turned around as the man put down his window. He stared at me with a grin and says, "Yup, it's definitely corn." I couldn't help but throw my head back and laugh. He laughed back, wished me a good day and was on his way. Even though there's a city girl in me, I just love living in the country!

On this same road is a horse farm that simply memorizes me. The farm house is right on the road and they seem to be pretty serious about their farming business, so I've never stopped to take pictures. Before this 365 is over, I really want to knock on the door and ask if I can roam around to take pictures. These two fields are about a 1/3 of the property... if that! 

Today, as I crested the hill, the two fields were full of mama horses and their babies. I had to snap a quick picture!! 

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  1. Great series of pictures to day Erin, love the corn and the horse pasture.