Thursday, August 22, 2013

234/365: Happy Sun Flowers

I can't help but smile when I see sunflowers. I pass this patch of flowers nearly everyday, but never stop because I have Hannah in the car. Since having her, I won't pull over and put my blinkers on to walk down the road and take pictures. (Insert irrational fears of a semi barreling down the country road when I'm not in the car and hitting it while Hannah's in there... yup, I'm a mom). On my way home from my photo shoot this evening, I swung a "u-ey" to snap a couple quick pictures. And by quick, I mean quick. I knew Hannah was at home asking daddy for milk... but only mama's got the milk! So, here are my two favorites that I snapped.

To top the evening off, I saw a FULL rainbow. I just love rainbows. They make everything better. Rainbows and sunflowers in the same day? That's a good day (on top of coming home to my amazing husband, daughter and fur babies). 


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