Friday, November 29, 2013

332/365: Thanksgiving 2013

Hananh officially had her first Thanksgiving! We were able to go to both families and had a happy baby the entire time. Wahoo!!

She got time with her Meme and Great MeMom.

Noah was very involved in our Thanksgiving celebrations. 

Hannah learned that if she pats her GRAND Uncle Leigh's belly, all her wishes will come true.

Noah was quite disturbed that this baby stole all of his Mommy's attention. 

Uncle Paul had a successful Movember.

We didn't have turkey for brunch, but may as well have. 

Hannah played with her cousins at the Miller dinner. 

She gave Sophia lots of kisses!

Ethan hung out with cousin Dustin. (His smile kills me!)
Sophia "the boss"

And the picture of the day. Another four generation picture. Technically not the greatest picture (I hate the flash!!) but priceless. 

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  1. awesome picture of the four generations. Don't worry about the flash you got the picture and thats what matters.