Saturday, November 23, 2013

327/365: Another Game of Chicken

Hannah won this one, too.

I took this after attempting her routine monthly pictures. This was the first month that it was very hard... she wasn't sitting still for any of them!


  1. These are really cute!! I like how the focus is on the hiding cat in the top one!

  2. ugh i feel you on the monthly pictures! Hank won't leave his weekly sticker stuck to his chest anymore, he wants to hold it (and crinkle it up)! We have to find strategic places to hide it so he doesn't notice it but it still is in the picture!

    1. It's so diss appointing after so many pictures of them not being able to move! I can't wait to see what 9-12 months looks like. Baby #2 is getting only one pose and it's going to be as easy as possible. Sorry, baby #2.