Wednesday, November 20, 2013

324/365: Four Years Ago...

Four years ago, at the time I write this, Dustin and I were just married. It was a magical day... it literally felt as if my dreams became a reality, and hasn't stopped. If I had to make one wish, on that day, of where I would want my life to be in four years, this is what I would have wished.

Today, as always, there's a to do list and never enough time to get it all done. I took Hannah upstairs for a diaper change and ended up laying on the floor with her, as I sometimes do. No phone, no distractions, just Hannah and me. Now that she's on the move, I watched her as she entertained herself and was just amazed. She's growing before my eyes. I quickly grabbed my camera to document some of her exploration, but then put the camera down to join her.

Her little elephant butt. 

Pulling herself up to look through her books...

...and so proud of herself. 

Finding her basked of stuffed toys and inspecting each one thoroughly. 

Then back to her books. She just loves books. 
Thank you Dustin for being an amazing husband for four years and counting, blessing me with this incredible little girl, being her perfect Daddy and being my partner and my supporter. I'm so incredibly lucky to live this life, thanks to you.

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